Jesus In Mongkok Apostolic Network

Join us as we teach, preach, pray and bring healing to billions of people that Jesus' loves!


For more information go to our youtube site and watch what God is doing in Hong Kong:

Welcome to Jesus' Church at The Comma Cafe.  Here is a video about the ministry in Mongkok, Hong Kong:



We have been ministering and telling people that Jesus loves them in Mongkok, Hong Kong since 2008 at the Comma Cafe, in different locations nearby and on the streets of the shopping districts of Mongkok.

Here is a video of us worshipping at the Comma Cafe at our 2 year anniversary in April 2010:



IWIRE Pastor Ken Harley leads the Church at Mongkok(IWIRE-HK). For more information email him at [email protected] or call at 97265380.

PS...please pray with us and help us to pay for dinners, Gospel materials, and musical instruments as Jesus moves you!

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