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Welcome to Jesus in Mongkok Apostolic Network Worship Resources.  Last year we produced a cd called Jesus in Mongkok Loves You!

We gave away 5000 cds in Hong Kong as most tracks were donated by artists to only be given away.  IWIRE Pastor Ken Harley produced the cd and wrote and performed a track entitled Jesus in Mongkok.  Below is a video of the song.  A Cantonese Chinese version was written and performed by Hong Kong recording artist, Katherine Robershaw.

Our vision is train and create worship leaders that will write Chinese intercession songs that will reach 7 Million people in Hong Kong and 1 Billion people in China.  We want to promote worship and intercession around the world.  We need your help.  Production costs of cds are less costly here in Hong Kong and there is a rich resource of musicians and developing musicians.  Will you help us? 

Contact IWIRE Pastor Ken Harley [email protected] for more information.

On this page you will see Worship Resources from our IWIRE Worship Artist friends.  Feel free to purchase their cds and receive the ministry that Jesus has for you!  Also feel free to recommend them for radio airplay at your local radio station!


1) Jesus in Mongkok Loves You, produced by Aaron Rogers and Ken Harley 2009





Hear the Sound (Mandarin Version!) - by Bonnie Whaley and Johanna Ma



Remastered and re-recorded into the beautiful Chinese language of Mandarin, "Hear the Sound" is now ready to go out across all China and touch Chinese people everywhere with the powerful Gospel of Grace through this anointed worship album.

Johanna Ma is a good friend of Bonnie Whaley. She has been leading worship since 2002 in numerous conferences around the world including appearances on GodTV. She believes that God is raising up an End-Time army of 'lovesick' worshipers and intercessors who will embrace God's heart for the harvest and go to the darkest of places to shine His light. She now serves with her parents at Incubator Ministries in Hong Kong (, which includes running the All Nations House of Prayer (ANHOP), training young people, leading worship, pioneering a children's church and helping to build houses of prayer wherever the Lord leads them in the nations.

If you have a heart for Chinese people who long for powerful anointed grace filled worship then consider how you may bless them through this album.

Hear The Sound by Bonnie Whaley From Hong Kong!

Here is an audio sample of her cd: 


Hear the Sound

I believe heaven is releasing a sound of glory that the earth needs to hear! It’s the sound of true freedom that brings forth true joy, peace and security in the wonderful Person of Jesus Christ. One encounter in His presence and you will be changed forever. The heart of this album was birthed out of my longing to see people around the world impacted and changed by the glory of who Jesus is. He is glory, He is the King of glory and He longs for every single person to know His glory and experience it on a regular basis.

In the three days that this album was recorded there were many moments that God spontaneously ambushed us in His presence. There were times when we would get so caught up in Him that many of us either had uncontrollable joy, gold dust manifest on our hands, healings taking place, gold fillings appearing and more intimate encounters with Jesus. By the end of the three days we all came away more overwhelmed by Him than by the music we created. This was such a huge encouragement for me because I saw a little glimpse of what God had spoken to me about at the age of seventeen when I sat back down to play the piano. So I encourage you as the receiver of this album to really expect to encounter God like never before. Get caught up in Him and I guarantee that you will not be the same. Let the sound of glory be heard! Let it touch you and let it change you!

     - Bonnie

How to buy go to:  Hear the Sound link to purchase album

Here is a video of Bonnie at the IWIRE HONG KONG COMMA CAFE 1 Year Anniversary Party in April of 2009:


3) Glory to Glory by Bonnie Whaley From Hong Kong!

Here is an audio sample of her cd:


Glory to Glory

Be inspired to enter deeper into the glory and worship Jesus face to face. Feel the freedom of grace as you are drawn into ever increasing realms of glory and find such delight in being with your maker. With high quality production and sounds, along with an intimate and powerful feel, this album is truly one for all ages and all nations and is set to go international and large! You will be blessed!

Joshua Mills: “Bonnie Rufus is an uncommon worshipper of God. Her passion for the presence of the Holy Spirit is evident as she leads others into the glory realm. God has placed the pure sound of eternity within her spirit that can be heard as she worships the Lord. I love Bonnie’s worship and you will too, as these songs and sounds come directly from the throne of heaven.”

Isi de Gersigny: "The sound that comes out of adoration is like the sound of running water - the kind that flows right through you straight from the throne. Bonnie has poured out a pure stream that will carry you away right up to His face"

How to buy go to: Glory to Glory link to purchase album


4) Where The Fire Is..., produced by Anneline Breetzke and Andrew Bautista 2010 from Hong Kong!


From Anneline Breetzke in Hong Kong:  This album is the first of many. The sound captures something of the journey and intimacy of my relationship with God. The title 'Where The Fire Is' comes from the count in the gospels when Jesus clears the temple of religious control and measurement. Religion veils us to the pure, undiluted, goodness of God. It says in the scripture referring to Jesus, "Zeal for your house will consume me." When looking up the greek behind the meaning of that phrase, I saw this: Intimacy is where the fire is for the house of the Lord. His zeal was a fire that came out of jealous love, the place of intimacy with the Father.

I trust this album will encourage, inspire and draw you deeper and deeper in to the unconditional love of God that never accuses or condemns. He only, always, ever accepts me based on Jesus' performance on my behalf - what amazing grace.

The link to listen and purchase is:

Both the MP3 digital version and actual CD are available for purchase.

MP3 Digital : 12.90USD
Actual CD: 15.00USD

Big smiles and thanks,


5) WASH by David Michael From Detroit!

After pouring out at more than 40 events in 2010, Detroit Rapper David Michael pours out another awesome project With huge venues under his belt, this record promises to tell a tale of Detroit that nobody has ever seen or heard. 
Come and join us all as we go and prepare to "WASH"
released 01 April 2011

The Underground by David Michael


Preview and Purchase of CD.. Link:

Email: [email protected]

Brief Description:

The Underground. A gritty, mid-west, underground album packed with Biblical truth, and backed by an arsenal of production.
The listener hears his passion and zeal for the Lord through his igniting lyrics and engaging delivery. Unique Expositions of each song show David's universal appeal while pouring out intimately to his listeners, and bridging the gap from artist to consumer. His Testimony alone draws eyes and ears to the unchanging Word of God, and a Beautiful Saviour.



6) ‘Take Me Higher’ by Mark Houser from Texas, USA!

 "Take Me Higher" is my third CD and is more intense then any other music I've recorded. Most of the songs are about pursuing a passionate God, an "all consuming fire." I tried not to hold back. It's about going after God hard.

Listen to Take Me Higher:   

"Blazing eyes of fire it is your passion and desire to draw us unto you. You're an all consuming fire, burn away everything that stands between me and you, burn it away." (Lyrics from Praise You)

This CD rocks, and yet it's melodic. I believe you can have both. On this CD we went a "little higher a little deeper." (Take Me Higher).

There is a song called "Holy" that is different than anything I've previously done, that could be classified as "soaking music."

Listen to Holy: 

Listen to Everlasting: 

On my next CD (God willing) I'm going to move more in than direction. But for now I hope you enjoy "Take Me Higher." Turn it up, I hope a fire is ignited in you for a
passionate God.

To Buy CD go to:


Mountain River Ministries Inc. 
1103 Keller Parkway, Suite 107 
Keller, Texas 76248


[email protected]


7) ‘Mercy’ –the single CD by Cwasi Oteng From Ghana!

Listen to Mercy:


*What the single CD is about:
The CD contains the song ‘Mercy’ which is the first single off Cwasi Oteng’s forthcoming album (to be released in June 2011), ‘Mercy Project’. The song talks about the mercy of God. But for the mercy of God where would I be, Cwasi asks rhetorically. The song came when Cwasi pondered on the mercy of God as expressed on his people throughout the bible. Hence Cwasi Oteng’s declaration that,
“I have resolved to be part of the movement of people who will not forget to give thanks unto God for his mercies especially in these times where the curses of the world easily blind you and you easily lose sight of the fact that it is God who has brought you this far showing his mercy on you. But for His mercy, where would you be?’
*About Cwasi Oteng’s Ministry:
Cwasi Oteng ministry is project based ministry. This implies that every album comes with a project that seeks to see to the spiritual and social need of people. The spiritual aspect is through his music where he relays seasonal messages received from God to the world; embark on evangelism campaigns and having a deep focus on the youth to empower them for Kingdom service. The social aspect has to do with using funds obtain from concerts or events organized and donations to his ministry to support the needs of the poor, sick, lost,voiceless, children and women.
To purchase the CD go to:          


On Itunes-





INTRODUCING:  The Hendrickson Family, Kansas City, USA!


Mark and Debbie have been doing itinerant ministry for many years. They lead worship for conferences, conduct worship seminars, and guest speak. Their worship style is contemporary, intimate and prophetic. As schedules allow some of the family still ministers together playing instruments; keyboards, guitars, flute, cello, low whistle, bass, percussion, and drums. Their worship seminars have been an effective tool for awakening the spontaneous song and Song of the Lord in many worshippers.

A call to intimacy, an awakening of new passion in the heart for the awesome man Jesus, and a presentation of the Father’s love characterizes their guest-speaking message. Casting the vision of IHOP and practical ‘clinic’ instruction help launch people into the “harp and bowl model” of worship and intercession.

If you're interested in scheduling them at your church or conference, please email: [email protected] 

For information about how to schedule them go here:

To buy music go to:

Several of their albums:

8) ‘Heart Songs-An intimate worship encounter’ 

Listen to a sample of Let Him Kiss Me:

Listen to a sample of I'm Yours:

Listen to a sample of You Desire Me:

Listen to a sample of Everlasting Love:

 Go here to listen and purchase cd:

Once again, the Hendrickson Family presents to you an onramp into the presence of the Lord. Their sincere devotion and passion is clearly evident as they sing each heart song. You will experience ‘deep calling unto deep' in these songs of love and adoration. 

Nearly all the words and music were written by family members and are vulnerable expressions of their intimacy with Jesus. Several friends join them on this thirteen song extended play CD. These tasteful arrangements will keep you continuously captivated for the duration of your listening experience; from their simple acoustic arrangements to full orchestral and choral masterpieces. 

After twelve songs of being lost in your affection and devotion for Jesus, in the last song let your heart be ‘loved on' by His response to you. Zephaniah 3:17 says that He rejoices over us with singing. You will feel Jesus kiss and find your heart secured in His unbelievable affection for you. 

9) ‘Forevermore' by Lydia Hendrickson



Listen to a sample of Satisy:

 Listen to a sample of I Praise You Alone:

Listen to a sample of I Love Your Presence:


10) ‘Imagine' by Luke Hendrickson


Listen to a sample of Transparent:

Listen to a sample of August 10:

Listen to a sample of Delight:



INTRODUCING:  Ray Watson and Secret Place Ministries, New Zealand!


The Secret Place has its own special niche in the realm of prophetic worship music, capturing a sound that is creatively fresh and unique.

The songs of The Secret Place are not christian entertainment, they are songs of the heart and simple intimate expressions of spontaneous prophetic worship. They are not "state-of-the-art" recordings, they are "state-of-the-heart" recordings. They are not polished performances, they are prayer in song. The music is not just a listening experience, it is a journey of worship. The Secret Place is a place of intimacy with the Father, a place where the heart longs for His touch.

These songs reach for the heart of God, and capture the highs and lows of life's experiences in this eternal quest. With an emphasis on intimacy and simplicity, these worship songs are sure to capture your heart, and leave you with an enduring sense of His presence, and a hunger for more.


These songs were written out of times of divine encounter with God. I pray you will find Him here, and that your heart will be touched. I encourage you to draw aside, and allow these prayerful, intimate songs to carry you into the secret place of His presence. May your hearts' deepest longing be fulfilled.

To buy cds or for more information go to:

11) ‘The Secret Place 2' by Ray Watson

 Lord I Lift My Worship: 

 12) ‘The Secret Place 1' by Ray Watson

All My Desire: 

 I Will Praise Your Love Forever: 

 13) ‘Pursuit of His Presence' by Ray Watson

  Free Worship Medley:






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