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Janie Aduddell Vogt Ministries Contact: [email protected]

Janie Aduddell Vogt
Worship Leader & Teacher

Janie is in traveling ministry as a worship leader, prophetic singer and teacher.  She  is currently an itinerate staff member at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City where she spent over two years as a full-time worship leader.  She has been leading praise & worship for over 15 years, including 5 years with CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network/700 Club). Her ministry now allows her to travel both nationally and internationally leading worship, teaching, & sharing in special music.

Janie teaches on various subjects but her passion is the Harp and Bowl Worship and Intercession Model (Rev 5:8), the Life of a Worshipper, the Love of God, and Intimacy with God.  She has written many songs and has recorded three CDs. If you would like Janie to come and minister at your church, conference, retreat or special event, please contact her at [email protected] or call 913-244-6087

Purchase Her CDs:


Take My Hand
   Listen to: His Banner Over Me  
This is a brand new Fall 2004 release just recorded LIVE at a Joni Ames/Elijah List sponsored Women’s Prophetic Destiny Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.  New songs were also added in the studio in Kansas City along with beautiful instruments such as the harp, violin, alto, bass & soprano flutes and others.  Take My Hand is a seamless flow of worship from God’s Heart to yours.  Many songs come from the greatest love story ever told, the “Song of Songs,” so sit back and let the Lord take you into His arms of Love and wash over you with His Presence and Divine Embrace.


Breath of God 
  Listen to: Draw Me Into Your Presence 
This CD was birthed in the prayer room, sitting at the feet of Jesus, basking in the presence of His beauty. It begins in Psalm 27 and ends singing the eternal praises of Revelation 4 and 5. This CD captures the essence of the devotional prayer meetings at IHOP, perfect for your personal times of prayer and devotion. This CD includes 6 original songs and 9 well-known worship songs.


Til He Returns 
  Listen to: Show Me Your Glory 
This CD contains ten original songs, most of which were written by Janie. You'll be drawn into His presence from the first song as you enjoy the love songs to the Lord, the songs of lovesick worshiper. As you bask in His presence, you'll fall deeper in Love with the one who Loves you so endlessly. What better way to spend our time here on earth, than worshipping Him and sitting at His feet -- Til He Returns!


Janie and Todd Marry
On April 9, 2005, God brought 2 lives together as one and Janie Aduddell became Mrs. Janie Vogt and married the love of her life Todd Joseph Vogt. Todd will be traveling with Janie as much as possible as God merges their lives, ministry and callings into one.
Hannah Grace Vogt
Born June 4, 2007 and is an amazing gift and blessing to Todd and I. She is our miracle from God and we are so grateful to have her.




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